Poppy Seed Grinder Tour

For this blog I thought I would tell you all about my recent tour with the grind core band Poppy Seed Grinder from Praha.

I was in The bandPraha and needed to get to Germany to visit friends and catch my plane to Thailand. I found out that my friendOur gear Yarda and his band Poppy Seed Grinder, were driving to Strasbourg to play a gig, then back to Germany. Great opportunity for me to get a lift. So, on the night of the 9th of November, 2006, I went to Yarda’s place and waited for their minibus to arrive. A sad farewell to my best friend Ondra and somehow 7 people and all our gear stuffed into the minibus drove away into the night. The first stop of course was Tesco. Lots of Czech beer and some last hermelin for me, and away we went again.

On our way We drove through the night, drinking rum, whiskey, and some home made stuff in a plastic botLast stop before the bordertle that would fuel the space shuttle. A few stops here and there, and of course all kinds of hard core metal music playing on the stereo the entire way. It was a funny scene. A van full of rock stars moshing all the way to France. My friend’s English was limited, and my Czech language is non-existent, so our conversation consisted of much gesticulation, mixed with every bad Czech word that they could think of.

The band roomFinally, we rolled into Strasbourg on a beautiful sunny day. Some of us were sleeping in very awkward positions. WStrasbourge drove around town asking people directions to the venue “Molodoi”. Eventually we found it and parked outside. After some waiting and beer drinking, (long live Czech Pivo!!), a caretaker arrived and opened the doors. In we went and dragged the gear upstairs to the band room. It was nicely decorated with posters of past gigs, old couches and broken tables. A full slab of beer arrived for us, and me being the official Oceania band liason and beer tasting manager, I was happy to taste a few just in case they were poisoned. I tried to tell the band that the beer was bad and I would have to drink it all, but they didn’t believe me.Dinner time

Tonight’s gigsAfter a nice dinner, also provided for all the bands, the tables were dragged away, and people began arriving. It was a typical metal event with T-Shirts proclaiming in bleeding letters “Dying Foetus” and “Pig Destroyer” everywhere. Long black hair, tattoos and piercings. The bands began and the beer flowed. I have to admit, I became pretty pissed (Australian for “drunk”). Some old friends arrived from the nearby German town of Achern and then the party was in full swing.

Red Rubber Glove GirlA strange girl with an american accent suddenly stood in the middle of the dance floor. She pulled armYarda & Bro length, red rubber gloves on, then dropped to the floor and began doing push-ups. Then she was on her feet again and disappeared upstairs into the band room. When I came upstairs for another beer, she was molesting the singer from the Italian Death Metal band, “Horrid”. He wasn’t protesting much, then they put on quite a show for us all. Later, she was standing on the balcony whipping herself with her own clothes. I have met some strange people in my life, but she would have to be one of the strangest ones.

CifronWe spent the night wherever we could find room to sleep at a French guy’s house, then breakfast and coffeeEinz, Zwei Polizei with the Italians (still covered in fake blood from the night before), then we were on the highway to Beitigheim near Stuttgart. Of course, the police saw us, long hair and drinking beer, so pulled us over and charged our faithful driver €80 for driving too close to the vehicle in front. Finally arrived in Beitigheim, where bands were already playing. This also turned out to be a party of epic proportions. After a short sleep on the stage next to other snoring band members, I finally bid my great friends farewell and escaped with a heavy heart to Ulm. See Poppy Seed Grinder at: www.myspace.com/poppyseedgrinderYarda

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