Leaving Europe Part 3 – Singapore

Ahhh tropical heat! God how I had missed it. It had been 3 years since I was in the tropics… Sure Spain got pretty damn warm in the summer, but it was nothing like this sticky, humid heat that I am used to.
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Leaving Europe Part 2

Wednesday, June 12, 2002:
I was woken by the phone ringing. It was Ann wanting to know if I would like to meet her down the road at a pub called the Hermit’s Cave, so I had a shower, threw on some clothes and followed her directions.

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Leaving Europe – Part 1

I had been with my Swedish girlfriend Erika for roughly six months, in a fishing village called Puerto de Mazarrón in South East Spain.

It all ended rather badly when around my 27th birthday, I lost my job and the love of my life, all at the same time. It turned my world upside down and my heart inside out, so I had to get away from there.
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Hitching in Italy

Way back in October 2001, I was living in Sweden with my girlfriend Erika. The winter was coming and we decided that a move to Spain might be a good idea.
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Recently while travelling through Northern Thailand and Lao, I began hearing wild stories, legends perhaps, about something called “tubing”.

Surely these stories were too good to be true. Tubing sounded like absolutely wicked fun to me. What is tubing? Well, let’s find out…

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Mosquitoes really do suck…

Christmas 2005, five friends and I went to Vanuatu for a 16 day holiday.

Not long after returning to Australia, four of my friends became rather ill with Malaria. Not very nice. I did not get sick, and I thought that perhaps I might have some sort of natural immunity after having lived in Papua New Guinea as a child…

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Financial Hardship

Always carry backup cash, especially in Lao where there is only one cash machine (in Vientiane) and the banks close early…

After a rather interesting and tiresome journey, I came eventually on a Friday morning to the town of Pakse in southern Lao. I met a few other travellers on the bus and they were heading for the 4000 Islands in the southern reaches of the mighty Mekong river. Well, apparently there was not a lot to do in Pakse, so I decided to follow.

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Hitching to Zakopane

I would like to tell you a story of a complete stranger who generously gave me so much of her time and attention, purely out of genuine kindness.

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