The Crystal Enterprise – Part 2

Things were going great for my first time out on a prawn trawler. Gordon, Ian and Janine were looking after me aBBQ prawn breakfastndTrawler Sunset all the hard work was paying off which was evident by a rapid loss of the weight I had gained in Europe. All we did was work and sleep and I didn’t have to look well groomed for anyone either, so I decided not to shave or cut my hair for the entire four months at sea. The weather was generally good which was reflected in our mood and we only had to put up with a few storms.

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Cyclone Larry

Here in Cairns, Northerin Australia, we have cyclones. Every year between the months of November and April, we have a “cyclone season”. Basically, between these months, the chance of cyclones developing off the coast and heading for us is very real.
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The Crystal Enterprise – Introduction

After three years in Europe, I stayed in Cairns for just over a month and when I wasn’t working as a dishpig in an italian restaurant, I was drinking and indulging in whatever party substances I could get my hands on.
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Our Going Away Bash

Our Going Away Bash

My travelling days had to start somewhere. This is what happened on my last night in Australia.
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