Hitching in Italy

Way back in October 2001, I was living in Sweden with my girlfriend Erika. The winter was coming and we decided that a move to Spain might be a good idea.
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Recently while travelling through Northern Thailand and Lao, I began hearing wild stories, legends perhaps, about something called “tubing”.

Surely these stories were too good to be true. Tubing sounded like absolutely wicked fun to me. What is tubing? Well, let’s find out…

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Mosquitoes really do suck…

Christmas 2005, five friends and I went to Vanuatu for a 16 day holiday.

Not long after returning to Australia, four of my friends became rather ill with Malaria. Not very nice. I did not get sick, and I thought that perhaps I might have some sort of natural immunity after having lived in Papua New Guinea as a child…

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Financial Hardship

Always carry backup cash, especially in Lao where there is only one cash machine (in Vientiane) and the banks close early…

After a rather interesting and tiresome journey, I came eventually on a Friday morning to the town of Pakse in southern Lao. I met a few other travellers on the bus and they were heading for the 4000 Islands in the southern reaches of the mighty Mekong river. Well, apparently there was not a lot to do in Pakse, so I decided to follow.

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Hitching to Zakopane

I would like to tell you a story of a complete stranger who generously gave me so much of her time and attention, purely out of genuine kindness.

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Poppy Seed Grinder Tour

For this blog I thought I would tell you all about my recent tour with the grind core band Poppy Seed Grinder from Praha.

I was in The bandPraha and needed to get to Germany to visit friends and catch my plane to Thailand. I found out that my friendOur gear Yarda and his band Poppy Seed Grinder, were driving to Strasbourg to play a gig, then back to Germany. Great opportunity for me to get a lift. So, on the night of the 9th of November, 2006, I went to Yarda’s place and waited for their minibus to arrive. A sad farewell to my best friend Ondra and somehow 7 people and all our gear stuffed into the minibus drove away into the night. The first stop of course was Tesco. Lots of Czech beer and some last hermelin for me, and away we went again.
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Our Going Away Bash

Our Going Away Bash

My travelling days had to start somewhere. This is what happened on my last night in Australia.
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About Damo

Hi! My name is Damian and this blog contains my travel stories. If anyone reads it and finds it interesting, then great! If not, well, it doesn’t matter.

Firstly, a little about myself. I was born in a small town called Te Kuiti, in the north island of New Zealand, and my family moved to Papua New Guinea when I was three years of age. After several years there, we moved back to New Zealand, my parents split up, Dad went back to Papua New Guinea, and my sister and I travelled every year to visit him. Eventually I moved back to Papua New Guinea again to go to High School and live with my father. During our years in Papua New Guinea, we had many adventures and lived in many different and beautiful places. I grew up speaking English and Papua New Guinean Pidgin as a second language. It’s a wild country that will remain in my heart forever.
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